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Abandoned shooting yard, Skrea, Falkenberg, Sweden

Abandoned shooting range, Skrea, Falkenberg, Sweden

The text translates into something like “the good of life is expensive” (feels like the author missed a word or two…).

Thorshammar, Norberg, Sweden

Thorshammar, Norberg, Sweden

Hi again, and sorry for the long absence. Guess both of us have been a bit too busy lately.
I have loads of new material though, and I know that counts for Karl as well, so expect more updates here soon!

Until then I’m happy to post a new favorite: the abandoned workshop Thorshammar just outside Norberg in Västmanland, Sweden. This was once a living workplace where various items such as chandeliers, taps and jugs in copper, tin and brass used to be manufactured. The last worker left in 1983 and is now preserved by the local organization Thorshammar and a part of Bergslagen’s ekomuseum. You can read more about it here (both swedish and english version).

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